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Who are we?


Martina Kornett- Burton



Martina's training, qualifications and years of experience have led her to her career focus today. 

She is the founder of 'Expanse' - which she likes to see as a Wellness Programme for All, creating space in mind and body.

As a qualified Counsellor and Sports Scientist, with a background in classical Ballet and of course a long career in Professional  Ballroom Dancing, she promotes a holistic lifestyle approach which involves a healthy balance of mind and body. 

Her aim is to deliver counselling sessions based on the needs of her clients. Approach emphasis is on behavioural change, based on life values and goals, to better function in stressful situations. And Sports Science consultations, approach emphasis is on mindful performance enhancement.


​Please get in touch via email :

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Final Quote:

"Champions are not the ones who always win races, champions are the ones who get out there and try. And try harder the next time. And even harder the next time. Champion is a state of mind.

They are devoted. They compete to best themselves as much if not more than they compete to best others. Champions are not just athletes." (Simon Sinek, Author)



Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Psychology
Masters Degree in Sports Science and Educational Science
Certificate in CBT for Mental Health & Psychological Disorders
Professional Ballroom Dancer, Coach, Choreographer and Adjudicator
Classically trained Ballet Dancer


Kristina Pfeffer



Kristina is a sport psychology consultant. She founded the company The Ballroom Coach where she works with dancers to achieve excellence by optimising their mind-set. She works on everything from goalsetting, reducing nerves and increasing confidence through one on one sessions and workshops.


Kristina was a professional dancer and dance teacher and therefore understands first hand the challenges of competitive ballroom dancing. Kristina believes that she can help every dancer get the most out of their dance journey- both in terms of results but also having a journey that is meaningful and enjoyable. She is particularly passionate about building confidence in dancers and improving body image.


Kristina has a BSc and MSc in Psychology of Sport and Exercise and has taken several courses in Relationship Psychology, NLP etc..



See Kristina’s website at:

Instagram @coachballroom

Contact Kristina


Terry Hyde





Terry started dancing aged 6, won a 5 year scholarship to the RAD aged 10. He attended the Royal Ballet’s Upper School, joining the Royal Ballet at age 18.  To expand his character work, he joined London’s Festival Ballet (now ENB) as a soloist, playing roles such as, Dr Coppelius in Coppelia, Sancho Panza in Don Quixote and The Headmistress in Graduation Ball. Terry left the ballet world to explore other artistic genres, and performed in musicals in London’s West End, in Film and on TV.


On retiring from performing, Terry set up as a Business Manager for people in show business. His clients included a number of well-known performers and many ‘jobbing’ dancers, singer and actors.  On selling the business 15 years later, and inspired by the realization that many of the people he’d worked with also sought his advice on personal issues, he retrained as a psychotherapist attaining a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy & Healing Practice validated by Middlesex University in 2012.


After working with an ex-ballet dancer suffering with bipolar disorder, Terry recognized that there was a very special niche that he could fill within the world of dance. He’s now combined his two passions, dance and psychotherapy bringing his ‘insider knowledge’ about life as a dancer into the realm of counselling. He founded in 2017 and has been working to support the unique needs of dancers in relation to their mental health ever since. 


Terry presents interactive Mental Health Self-Care Workshops for Dancers both in person and virtually.  These proactive workshops are to help support dancers’ mental wellbeing, teaching them resilience and how to be mentally fit and emotionally strong.


He now offers one to one therapy sessions available via video-link worldwide.


Karen Goold

Karen is an executive and personal coach.  Fascinated by human nature, she helps clients identify their strengths, struggles and stressors, so they can more effectively achieve their goals. 


Karen has worked for 30+ years in senior leadership, management consultancy and coaching across a number of industries (including Financial Services, FMCG, recruitment, education).  She has worked with companies including Fidelity Investments, Barclays, Coca Cola, Premier Foods, Buena Vista, Tropicana, Kraft, Harper Collins, EMI, Allied Domecq and Bass.


Karen coaches on the fundamentals of human behaviour, unconscious biases, natural preferences and strengths, and then builds an understanding of how to utilise and adapt this knowledge across the different needs in life.  Well-being is important to a fulfilling and healthy life, and building resilience to stress and anxiety is an important aspect to Karen’s coaching approach.


Working with dance clients for over 7 years, Karen has combined two of her great passions: coaching and being an enthusiastic amateur dancer for 20+ years.


Karen has researched and “modelled” exceptional and successful championship winning dancers in order to develop her coaching packages for the dance industry.


Karen feels it’s vital to be supportive and encourage clients to find their own answers, whilst challenging them to explore beyond their comfort zone. The various management and neuroscience tools available to her allows her to tailor-make the coaching approach to a client’s specific needs.  By adapting and combining techniques, they can get the best results as quickly as possible. 


She passionately believes that by developing self-awareness and reducing stress, we can achieve more than we ever thought possible.  She is on a mission to create environments where people feel motivated, inspired, healthy and happy.




Certified Practitioner of Applied Neuroscience

Facilitator of Hogan Assessments

Certified Practitioner of Myers Briggs Type Indicator I (MBTI)

Practitioner of Thomas Killman Conflict Mode Indicator (TKI)

Certified Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and TimeLine Therapy (TLT).




See Karen’s dedicated websites at:

Contact Karen via or on +44 7540 724103



Example Testimonial:

“The [coaching] sessions were enormous fun and highly stimulating.  Karen was very flexible to ensure each session met my expectations and she was very effective in identifying my needs and guiding me.”

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